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VR provides the opportunity to create convincing illusions. It gives the feeling presence in an artificial environment - and can provide a more practical, everyday and fun approach to a subject that many students experience as very theoretical and boring.

VR Education presents mathematical assignments in a real-life and practical way. The aim is to strengthen the understanding of the subject as well as basic math skills. The solution works excellent as a complement to traditional teaching, and contributes to further differentiation of teaching and learning.

Key figures and statistics

See relevant data on how students perform in various subjects over time

Engaging tasks

Students solve practical tasks using virtual reality on mobile

Adaptive difficulties

The solution monitors the students as they solve tasks, and will automatically raise the level of difficulty as students grow stronger


VR Education has only received positive reactions so far, where ever the product has been used and demonstrated. It is now being tested at several schools and will be commercialised this summer. Here is a summary of feedback we have received from the primary and secondary school in Rykkin:

  • " VR headsets are fun "
  • " New ways of learning math are good, we have learned a lot "
  • " The students are asking for more lessons like this. More shopping malls, stores and other places to go – and VR lessons in other subjects. "
  • " Thank you for giving us the opportunity to test it! "

Exploring the Use of VR Technologies in Mathematics Class

Thomas Nordahl, professor at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

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